Christianity + LGBT, there is no problem.

Bible has been reworked and translated multiple times and put together by humans of varying degrees of knowledge and competence and biases.
Claiming to know that God hates something based on this is ridiculous.

As a side note I expect you to believe in a loving and a just God. Otherwise there would be no point in worshipping God that doesn’t love us or is not a just god.

So based on this assumption and assumption that God is the only creator and everything happens to his will we can deduce the following:

Animals are created by God and have no free will, thus are not corrupted by choices. Now animals have been observed to be gay and some species even change gender if needed.
Thus we can say that being gay is natural and the will of God as there is no reason for animals to express homosexual behavior if it is not the will of God.
So the only reasonable reasons for animals to be LGBT could be:
1) God wills them.
2) Someone else wills them and God cannot stop them from existing because he is weaker than the one who constantly creates them.(this would be blasphemy).

As God cannot be weaker than some other being. This leads LGBT to be perfectly natural trait which you are born with (just like other animals are). Furthermore, as God is the creator who created us in his image this has to be part of his nature too, thus not sin as God does not sin. So we can come to the logical conclusion that being LGBT+ can’t be sin on itself.
You could ask what about animals who kill in nature isn’t killing natural and forbidden by god? And you can easily find out that killing for food is allowed for humans, killing other humans is not as God has commanded it to be his jurisdiction as the ultimate user of force among beings with free will (even with all the stonings in bible). Furthermore, killing is an active choice an individual makes, not a born trait of the individual. This has nothing to do with love as consensual love does not hurt anyone.

Well how about living the homosexual life then, it’s a choice? Bible acknowledges sexual intimacy in strengthening the emotional and spiritual bond between spouses and condemns unnatural sexual acts, but as we seen on nature homosexuality is perfectly natural so all verses condemning unnatural sex is not about this subject and we can dismiss those in this discussion. Furthermore multiple animals like bonobos and dolphins for example, have sex for pleasure, so it’s clearly not a sin according to god who created them.
Pretty much all bible’s verses that are linked to this matter discuss a form of abuse or other sins like lust which were more prominent at the time. (Furthermore lust as a concept in the human context is close to modern concept of objectification of a person, and not just any kind of unwed desire.) Considering the main message of the bible and how Jesus tells about God, it would be really out of character to be against consensual loving relationships. Here we come back to loving and just God. A just God does not create only certain people to be sinful by their nature, or a loving God would not ban his creations from finding consensual love on earth because he created them in certain way.

What about marriage is only for man and woman? Well marriage is, as it has always been, a contract to be respected between two parties. At the time of the bible the power imbalance between a man and a woman was so great that a contract between their relationship was needed to ensure good treatment. This power imbalance is also the reason sex and marriage are discussed so much, as it was that specific area that needed to be discussed. You did not have these power imbalanced between other kind of relationships and other kind of relationships did not yield offspring that might be neglected without a binding social contract, so in that regard they were not necessary to be limited or ruled in this way.
The scripture used against lgbt should be viewed by the context of its time and the purpose of the scripture had back then in bringing stability and happiness to peoples lives by condemning abuse and abandonment of your children and their spouse.

There is no need to choose either LGBT community or Christianity. There are more prominent problems in the world and in the bible than two people having a consensual loving relationship. Even if God does not like that, he will be the judge of if and nobody else, but I find it hard to believe a loving and a just God would be against consensual love that doesn’t hurt anyone. So you shouldn’t be against it either, instead be against abuse and people who hurt others. As wishing eternal suffering for someone you don’t even know and is not hurting anyone, is not Christ like.

John 3:16 (New International Version):

  • “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

End note: There is no room for slippery slope arguments.
If you cannot separate the love of two consenting adults from animal abuse, I suggest you do not get pets.
If you don’t understand equally capable consent, please get away from children.
If you don’t understand that having inbred children affects the children negatively then I suggest you to go to school.