DuckTales live action.

Disney should produce a live action version of Donald the Duck -comics.

Why? The characters and the world are familiar to everyone, yet the setting is full of potential. More aimed towards adult audience would allow to explore more themes.


Donald is an ex-navy seal which explains his rage fits.

Huey, Dewey, and Louie are local gang members instead of Boy Scouts of America.

Scrooge is a wealthy business man who in every episode drags donald from yet again new job to do Scrooges shady business expenditures leading to Donald to lose the job he was working at the start of the episode.

The main antagonists for the first season could be the Beagle Boys. Who are in the finale revealed to be hired by someone else to sabotage Scrooge. Suspicions fall towards either John D. Rockerduck or Flintheart Glomgold but hey have yet no proof.

Other side characters:

Mickey Mouse is a private detective and a friend of Donald. Mickey has some of his own sub plots but mainly covers up Donalds messes so Donald would not end up in prison for working in Scrooges shady business.

Daisy Duck is a lowly street hoe who takes advantage of Donald when she can but usually ends up going with Gladstone Gander (Donalds lucky cousin).

Gladstone Gander is mainly arriving just to brag about his fortune and how he used all of his money again in vanity products and to lure Daisy away from Donald (giving reasons for Donald to take Scrooges awfull jobs to escape his reality).