Review for CHUWI Minibook X 2023

This is my opinion on CHUWI Minibook X 2023 (10.51″ Intel N100) model.

Conclusion shortly: I really like it and would recommend it.
I would also recommend buying following products with it:
-USB-C PD3.0 Powerbank preferably 45W output.
-USB-C dongle (for HDMI, USB-A, etc.)
-USB-C magnetic cable adapter (quality one) I got Volta and it’s really good upgrade!
-Perhaps a passive stylus pen (No active stylus support)

Negatives: CHUWI support is quite poor.

I got one second hand ( actually this exact test unit of some youtuber: ) for 333€. and I upgraded to Windows 11 Pro on it without any issues.
And for that price this is an absolutely fantastic device. I view this form the perspective for what I bought the device for: Writing on sofa/bed/on the go in the car and studying at Uni (I have full Desktop PC at home for studying/editing/gaming etc.). So this device was set to replace my MacBook Pro 13″ 2011 (Linux mint) which was my uni laptop for a while now.


So the battery life is about 7 hours with 20% screen brightness and writing in google docs via Wi-Fi.
And just about 4 hours with 80% screen brightness and streaming with multiple chrome tabs open. So it beats up my MacBook Pro 13″ that had 2 hours battery, but is not that good when you really think about surviving a day with it at uni or at work with battery alone.
But you can charge it via battery bank (PD 3.0 charging standard and 45W of power delivery. So there are many powerbanks which work great!)
As a downside the charge port location is unfortunate. Being USB-C (which is nice as you can charge this even with phone charger, though depending on charger could be sloooow) the placement of the port makes it bend the usb-cable and port if you try to charge it in your lap or on a really soft surface. This bending could easily damage the internals of this laptop. So I suggest to only charge it on flat surfaces. (due to its size and 360 hinge, there isn’t any other place to put the charging port. I tried to think a way to do it better but there really isn’t unfortunately)
A solution to this would be to find a reliable magnetic usb-c cable “adapter” (if you buy cheap it’s gonna burn your house or doesn’t have enough power to charge at all) so that when it bends it disconnects, rather than bends the motherboard inside the laptop. After a month of use I got the Volta Spark (not affiliated 🙁 ) and I can say you should get one too, it’s super smooth, works like normal cable and prevents terrible things, I can’t recommend enough!

Tablet mode complaints

Second thing is I would like to have volume rockers and a fingerprint sensor. This is mainly for tablet use. I really thought I couldn’t care less of the tablet mode, but after using it for couple of weeks I found myself using it quite a few times. Especially watching CS2 tournaments in bed it would have been useful to have the volume controls physically as the Win11 tablet mode is still really clunky (not CHUWI’s fault though) and the keyboard is disabled in tablet mode. And as I have a really long password I would like to unlock the device in tablet mode with a fingerprint sensor instead of turning it back to laptop mode because the touchscreen writing takes forever compared to physical keyboard.
The problem with my suggestions of course is that they raise the price, which atm is at a sweet spot, this is a good under 500€ laptop as it is.


The screen is imo good sharpness for a laptop screen. Little dim on the sunniest hour though. The display unfortunately is only 50hz refresh rate. The screen refresh rate can be increased to 60hz or even 90hz. By running a Custom-Resolution-Utility-CRU .
According to others on the forum, its unit spesific if it can be raised or not, I have not tried this myself as it doesn’t matter in my use case, but it’s something that might bother others.

Touchscreen works and I tend to tap around because of the trackpad size. It’s just intuitive to zoom and tap around, so I like that. I would have liked the pen support so I could draw occasionally, + I think it could be little more precise and responsive than this touchscreen, but as someone who just skims e-book pages and zooms it is well sufficient and all in all a really decent screen for this price range. One point of annoyance is the failure of the one handed opening test, when lifting the screen open one handed, you cant. I understand that the yoga mode requires a sturdy hinge, but in my unit it is so stiff it scares me, I might break the screen accidentally when twisting it open with one hand.
But opening the screen to almost tablet mode and using the keyboard as a stand this laptop does perfect job if you want to watch some netflix in bed. The keyboard turns off so no accidental touches, the “bottom” of the laptop faces upwards and vents the hot air away from you and cpu does not suffocate on the bed sheet along with the speakers that are as well placed on the “bottom”. Also you get the “small” screen closer to you without the distraction of a keyboard in between.

Trackpad and keyboard

The trackpad and keyboard, now the trackpad is small, but that’s because of the size of the device and “fullsize” keyboard. It works smoothly, and is not a bad trackpad at all, so considering the limitations I think CHUWI has succeeded really well with it. The keyboard is “fullsize” for normal english keys. I as a Nordic person, who uses åöä letters, immediately notice that the right side keys like “ä” are not fullsize and *-key is moved to upper row and other keys moved to other places as well. So this takes some time to get adjusted to. As for the keys themselves they are snappy with (imo) excellent travel distance so its very comfortable to write with this laptop. Also really got to give credit for backlight keyboard, that is a must have feature, with 2 different brightness levels (no rgb, just white though).

For CPU and RAM and other internals:

I have not yet had any studdering in my use cases at all.
My unit at least is very quiet and substancially cooler than my Macbook pro was. It has a fan to cool down, but my unit has not spun it once and has been on silent mode (which my spouse really appreciates when we are reading books side by side). So 12gb 2x6GB sticks is really weird combination, but is more than the bare minimum 8GB.


Depends on what games you play and what standards you have. You can absolutely play with this, especially older games and modern games that dont require a GPU. But I’d suggest nothing competitive (except chess perhaps).
I’ve played now Drege and that does run, but it does stutter on high graphics.


If I had more money, I’d add the fingerprint sensor on the power button and a volume rockers on the side as well. Develop or buy a usb-c “magsafe” cable to give with the device like Volta Spark etc. and opt in for the screen that supports the precise pens with only a smudge less stiff hinge. Note that it only has 2 USB-C ports and an aux port, so you need a dongle to get HDMI out or use normal USB-A devices.
But these are minor upgrades. For writing on the go, sitting in uni lectures, watching Netflix on bed or reading eBooks, this is a fantastic unit. Perhaps for on the go jobs where you have tablets the Chuwi would work nicely, just mind the small battery.

A side note that has come to mind while discussing with other users is Chuwi’s drivers. You 100% should take a windows backup of the device, so you can re-install from that, if something happens. As just doing a fresh install and trying to find the Chuwi drivers for this device could require you to reach for their support and wait for them to send the drivers to you.

After a month of use update:

A really solid device and I can really stand behind all the things I said, a minor downside I noticed is that the coating seems to scratch really easily. So if you want to keep the device smooth and clean I suggest getting a small laptop pouch for traveling.

After 4 months:

Plastic frame of the keyboard near one of the hinges has formed a hairline crack. I’ve lost 2 of the bottom paddings and contacted CHUWI support about them and they said they can do nothing about them and you cannot even buy them with money from them. So keep that in mind about the built quality and lack of support.