Enter Dark

Web novel - Enter Dark Chapters 1-4

Short story competition piece: Enter Dark

The story follows a CIS region scientist Oleg’s attempts to see the future while trying to survive against the Keeper of Time.

“A man named Palmer appears to a small town in [redacted] and convinces Oleg, a failed physicist, and his friend that the future is in their hands. But what awaits in the future if stragners are asked to view it?”

web novel Enter Dark chapter 1-4 cover picture
web novel chapter 1-4 cover small

Now Published in English.
Enter Dark:
Sea of the drowned rats.



This is my first short story. And I’ve got like 3 more projects on going. But I am limited by time and money. So if you like this and want to read more from me, or want more of this spesifically. Please buy this (or just send me a message as its free here). Refer this story and link to it. Visit my support page (dont, there is nothign there). As that is how I can spend more of my time writing rather than working my web-dev and it-support job. Hit me up in twitter if this was a fun story!


Enter Dark – Sea of the Drowned Rats

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