Pokemon Go, one of the biggest let downs of the Franchise.

Pokemon Go, the ultimate AR Pokemon game.

Or it would have been if Niantic wasnt so greedy.
The game is fully geared and optimized towards extracting your money from your wallet to their bank account.
It’s potential is thrown out of the window in favour of painstakingly obvious moneygrab scheme.
Instead of skills or strategies, the game opts in every corner for randomness and fast rewards that push you to buy the ingame content to be able to continue playing.

My biggest advice for anyone playing this game is to NEVER put money into it, never. Do not pay, it’s not worth it and we should discourage this kind of greediness in the gaming world.

Battling system:

In the realm of Pokémon games, Pokémon Go’s battling system seems to stand out, albeit not for reasons one might hope. It has embraced a serious departure from the depth and strategy ingrained in the core series, opting instead for a system that is, to put it gently, rather simplistic and unrefined. While the main series offers a rich tapestry of tactical layers, featuring a multitude of moves, abilities, and intricate mechanics, Pokémon Go seems content with offering its players a diluted experience, seemingly reduced to little more than frenzied screen tapping and swiping. It is almost as if the sophisticated chess game of the main series has been replaced with a game of tic-tac-toe, where strategic nuance is largely overshadowed by the relentless pursuit of raw power. The absence of status conditions, weather effects, and held items in Pokémon Go battles only further emphasizes its stark contrast with the main series, leading one to ponder whether the game’s battling system was designed with a deliberate aversion to complexity and depth, or if it simply fell victim to the incompetence of the managers and developers. In conclusion this is the worst battling system in any Pokemon game ever. Just pure horrible garbage, an absolute dumpster fire.

All in all if your favourite Pokemon is not a legendary Pokemon, it is utterly useless in this game. There is zero reason to train your best Pokemon friend (which couple of first ones you get you should “transfer” to the shredder of the Professors mines because they have bad IV). There is only endless capturing for one with slightly better IV score or in search for shiny one. For anything other than collecting, all but a handfull Pokemons are useless in combat (because of the CP limits, you cannot train your favourite pokemon to have a chance against team rockets hacked 8000CP pokemon, you just need to get some legendaries or other “meta-pokemon” and only fight with them).

This Pokemon game had so much potential but it ended up as one of the most empty and repetitive Pokemon games out there. With little work it could have been among the best of the best, and even a bigger continuous phenomena accross the world for years to come, but now it succumbed to lowly moneygrab and shallow play experience.
As a huge Pokemon fan I truly despice the people responsible for the  wasted potential that this game could have had. It reaps my soul everytime I play and always makes me wonder what we could have got if, just if…

Never put money on Pokemon Go. Do not Pay for any reason. Do not fund this broken dream.