Tower-defense concept


Concept for tower-defense game that brings new mechanics for the game.



Are you a game creator? Would you like to standout from the competition? Do you smell the easy money from the tower-defense genre?
Here is a concept for tower-defense game that brings new mechanics for the game and will make your game unique and new compared to other TD games!

improves the feeling of “advancement” in tower-defense genre.
improves difficulty alignment in tower-defense genre.
New kind of tower concept and how it functions related to this specific concept.

By buying this you buy the license to create a tower-defense game with these mechanics, NOT AN ACTUAL READY GAME. 354 words in the file so don’t expect anything else than the core idea.
There is a game project started with this concept for proof of work and ownership of the idea so I can demonstrate the creation date of the idea in court if necessary.

For full rights you can contact me and we can sign a non disclosure agreement and discuss the options for exclusivity.


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